Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the NPA East Web site.  We’ve put together a list of questions members and potential members have asked us about over the years.  If we didn’t cover your question, or if you have additional questions concerning the list below, please contact Paul Kushner, NPA East’s Executive Director at 856-985-5446.  E-mail:

1. I just paid my dues to NPA. Why are you sending me another invoice?

A: What often happens is that members pay their National dues, thinking that this payment includes regional dues. This is not the case. NPA East Regional dues are $95.00, which primarily supports our advocacy efforts on the local level, as well as other benefits that come to come directly from your membership in our region. Sometimes, your payment and our invoice cross in the mail.

2. Who can join NPA East?

  1. Voting Membership. Voting membership shallbe limited to persons or firms engaged in the manufacturing, retailing, distributing, and/or consulting of natural foods, products, services and supplements who pay dues and are members in good standing.
  2. Nonvoting Associate Members.  This categoryof membership may include academics, natural foods lecturers and authors, providers of ancillary products and/or services to retailers or suppliers, and government officials.
  3. Life and Honorary MembersA Life orHonorary Member shall be an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the natural food, dietary supplements, and related products and services industry, or to NPA East, and has been accorded such status by the Board of Directors.
  4. Non-Transfer of MembershipMembership inthe NPA East is non-transferable.  When a business is sold, the new owner must apply as a new member.

3. What does advocacy mean and how does it affect my business?

A: NPA East is the only regional organization that monitors regulatory activities at the state level. Our constant diligence means that many proposed bills are killed long before they become laws that could prevent or greatly restrict your ability to run your business. By stopping the bill at the state level, it also stops that same bill from being picked up federally and causing havoc in all states.

4. What else does NPA East do to support my business?

A: NPA East provides a number of services to its members, advocacy, described above being one of the most valuable. In addition to our primary activity of advocating for regulations that protect your ability to do business, each year, NPA East provides an in-depth educational program through its partnership with New Hope Natural Media at Expo East in Boston. (Please go to for more information regarding the show and this year’s dates.) We also provide our members with access to the NPA East Web Site, and the quarterly NPA East Newsletter, written exclusively for natural foods retailers and the businesses that support them.

5. What states does NPA East serve?

A: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC


6. What is the difference between the National organization and the Regional organization?

A: We are branches of the same association, dedicated to protecting your business from bad legislation at the federal and state levels. NPA East focuses on legislative threats in our 12-state region; NPA National focuses on federal level legislative threats.

7. How much are Regional Dues?

A: NPA East regional dues are $95.00 annually, plus $25.00 for each additional store. For more information on joining NPA East, please go to our web site,

8. How do I become more involved in the Region?

A: NPA East keeps its fingers on the legislative pulse in your state. We are looking for conscientious, independent retailers, who are willing to stand up and take action when threatening legislation appears on the horizon. To lend your support to protect your livelihood, please contact the Executive Director, Paul Kushner at 856-985-5446. E-mail:

9. Who can be on the NPA East Board of Directors?

A: A candidate must be the Designated Representative or otherwise designated owner, officer, director, or employee of a voting member in good standing. A candidate for President-Elect must have served at least one year as a Director prior to the beginning of his or her term as President-Elect.

10. Can non-retailers join NPA East?

A: See Question 2 above.

11. How often is the NPA East Newsletter published?

A: The NPA East Newsletter is published quarterly. To view a recent issue please go to and click on NEWSLETTERS, located at the top of the home page.

12. Can I contribute to the Newsletter?

A: Yes! If you have an idea for an article that would be of interest to other retailers, or if you would like us to feature you and your store, please contact Executive Director, Paul Kushner at 856-985-5446. E-mail:

13. What is the relationship between the National organization and NPA East?

A: The primary difference between the two organizations is how we approach advocacy. The National organization focuses on Capitol Hill, and promotes our industry at the national level. NPA East promotes advocacy at the local level, monitoring the legislative activities at the state level

14. Does NPA East have a web site?

A: Yes.

15. What issues is NPA East currently working on?

A: We are currently working on a number of advocacy issues that we believe are critical to our industry, including a labeling bill in New York State, that would require all manufacturers who sell to retailers to add language to all natural products stating that, among other requirements, whether or not the product has been approved by the FDA. Since the FDA does not oversee natural products, this labeling requirement makes no sense, and would cause manufacturers unnecessary expense that could be passed on top retailers, making it virtually impossible for them to compete in contiguous states who are not required to make changes to their products’ labels. For a complete list of NPA East’s current advocacy efforts, please go to and click on the TAKE ACTION button at the top of the home page. We are also working with Expo East to create relevant content for independent natural products retailers. We also encourage independent retailers to offer suggestions directly to us for how to improve the show, and ensure that New Hope receives your comments.

16. Are there any other organizations that do the same work as NPA East?

A: There are some organizations that get involved in some of the same issues as NPA East. And we do, when appropriate, join with them to advocate for our industry. However, NPA East is still the only regional organization whose resources are dedicated exclusively to the needs of natural products retailers and the businesses that support them.

Still have questions?

Please contact NPA East Executive Director, Paul Kushner at 856-985-5446.  E-mail: