The following is our most recent information alert regarding GMO Labeling and we are sending this out to our membership because it affects the state regulation of GMOs.

There is a large grassroots effort across the United States to make a positive change on the GMO labeling issue. If the proposed Senate Bill follows suit with HR 1599, which passed the House in July, it will echo the following points.

· This bill would not require GMO labeling and would prevent states from requiring GMO labeling
· This bill allows the government to define the term “natural” without prohibiting it from being applied to GMO foods
· The bill would prevent states and local governments from restricting the cultivation of GMO crops

TOMORROW, Wednesday, October 7th, the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) will be lobbying Senators in Washington DC to support the Senate version of HR 1599, which opponents call The DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know). Citizens for GMO Labeling has created an informational website encouraging the nation to call their Senators, ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, to diffuse the GMA’s lobbying effort. You will find the contact information to call your Senator now and let them hear what you would like to see in a GMO bill.

This is very easy! Please dial 1-202-417-3113, just follow the prompts, enter your zip code and it will connect you to your legislator’s office. Or you may use this link to find your Senator:

Here are two options to engage your customer in this effort:
1. Provide the above information to your customers so they can call from home
2. Allow customers to call from you store while shopping

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