FDA Probe into KIND Is Misguided and Dangerous

NPA East exists to protect the interests of independent natural products retailers and the companies that support them. We also are dedicated to ensuring that consumers have free access to the natural products they want. We are concerned, therefore about the recent warning letter sent by the FDA to KIND, the manufacturer of fruit and nut bars. According to the FDA’s letter, four of KIND’s products have labels that state they are “healthy, tasty, convenient, and wholesome.

Weird Science

The FDA says that these products do not meet the federal definition of healthy, which insists on less than one gram of fat. The four bars the FDA focused on have between one and five grams of fat. In fact, studies have proven that saturated fat from butter, grass-fed cows, avocados, coconut oil, and eggs have a number of health benefits and are not a major cause of heart disease and obesity. Sugar is the primary culprit, and KIND uses honey as a sweetener in the bars in question.   Apart from the honey, which is at least natural, all of the other ingredients in the KIND bars are healthy.

Outdated Science or something more diabolical going on?

Clearly the FDA is relying on outdated science in its analysis of KIND bars. But is there something more insidious going on here?   The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), among others, believes that this is a strategic attack on structure/function claims, which in turn, is really an attack on the core of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). And we agree.

NPA East will continue to be vigilant in behalf of the retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers in the East region, and we will keep you informed of any further unwarranted attacks on our industry.

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