The New York Attorney General Wants to Put You Out of Business

We Want to Stop Him. We Need Your Help to Do It, and We Need It Now….

Not since our industry fought for the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) has the very survival of the natural products industry been in jeopardy. It apparently doesn’t matter that his attack on herbal supplements remains unsubstantiated. (Please read the attached article.) The damage has been done. It has already spread to three additional states. And it won’t stop there unless we work together right now to stop it.

NPA East has already taken steps to tell our side of the story to our legislators in New York and the attorney general in Connecticut. We will only succeed if we have the support of every independent retailer, manufacturer, and supplier in our region. With your voice behind us, they will listen.   Without it, they are less likely to understand the financial crisis they will unleash until we start closing our doors.

You need to join the fight for your survival, and you need to do it now  

Please act now and join the only regional organization that fights, every day, to protect your interests. NPA East is your first and best line of defense against frivolous attacks like those posed by New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. Please fill out and return the enclosed membership renewal form with your payment. You also can renew your membership online at Or you can call NPA East’s Executive Director, Paul Kushner at 856-985-5446.

What Happens in New York                                                                                                                                            Doesn’t Stay in New York

Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in New York doesn’t stay there for long. In fact, it has already spread to Connecticut, Indiana, and Puerto Rico. And New York Attorney General Schneiderman would like nothing better than for his “crusade” to gain even more traction by spreading it to more states.

We won’t survive if we leave it to someone else

Given the opportunity, our detractors will go right after DSHEA, and then the fight for our very survival becomes far more expensive and our chances of winning far less likely.

Membership in NPA East: Now it’s a matter of survival

Annual dues in NPA East are still only $95.00. That’s about $2.00 a week to ensure that legislative activities in our region are constantly monitored and challenged before they become irreversible laws, any one of which could jeopardize our livelihood or even drive us out of business. Right now, our focus is on the attack by the New York Attorney General. Tomorrow an attack on our livelihood will come from another direction. And NPA East will be there to protect you.

Stephen Distefano

President NPA East

Please Contact the Attorney General of Your State at the Email Address Below


State of Connecticut – George Jepson


State of Massachusetts – Maura Healey


State of New Hampshire – Joseph Foster


New York – Eric Schneiderman


Rhode Island – Peter Kilmartin


Vermont – William Sorrell


Pennsylvania – Kathleen Kane


District of Columbia – Karl Racine

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